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The products sold on Template Artistry are, for the most part, produced in-house by our company artists and template developers. Copyrights are shared with this company and the artist of any image, template or object.  Our downloadable products are carried by and delivered to the customer through the secure service. As my PayLoadz affiliate, you will be able to present these products for sell on your website. Affiliation with Template Artistry is to be managed by Below are the links to that will get you started in our program. Currently, most products are for MS Office XP. Soon there will be updated versions for Office 2010. Ad creative for Template Artistry. Get commission links for individual products at Template Artistry ad button

To these products are added a few outside productions to which our company has the resale rights or open-license to sell. These items will be so marked as having an unknown author or an author not one of our artists or owners. Some of these, too, will be downloaded via

These images by our inhouse artists are available on products--mugs, t-shirts, posters, stickers, booklet, cards, and much more--sold through runs its affiliate program through Commission Junction now. You can sell the Template Artistry products owned by Multifacet Services/VCCTI/Valerie Coskrey through and sell our products on your website as a Commission Junction publisher, or you can open your own store through a link provided below. Below are the links to these affiliate programs. Picket Fence Friends ad button [Ad creative for Picket Fence Friends at, now closed. Clicking the banner will take you to a small CafePress shop associated with the VCCTI site. Ask us to make you a creative.]

And finally, several of our affiliate merchants run sub-affiliate programs. By becoming an affiliate yourself through these links, you become a sub-affiliate of Multifacet Services/VCCTI/Valerie Coskrey. Additionally, there are the affiliate networks that you can join as an advertiser of merchant sponsors on your website. Below are the links to these affiliate programs. Image Link will take you to our store. Link to get your own store: Shop or Create What's On Your Mind at

We're proud of our products.  Come join our team!

Who is Multifacet Services? Who is VCCTI? Who is Valerie Coskrey? They are all one and the same.  They are all online identities of Valerie Coskrey who works an an independent freelancer and sole proprietorship co-owner of the company Coskrey Biz, previously Multifacet Solutions. VCCTI is the more general audience name for the niche website Valerie Coskrey's Classroom Tools and Ideas.

"Under the name of Valerie Coskrey's Classroom Tools and Ideas, I have joined programs and conducted business. Certain pages Becoming Myself bullet from Template Artistryof the VCCTI site are referred to as separate entities soley for clarity of informatics and products available. Two of these pages are Template Artistry and The Webmaster Pages. And the web identities multiply as I find other projects to develop. Rest assured, in all cases the ownership and tax data are the responsibility of myself," says Valerie Coskrey.

This image is the Becoming Myself bullet, © 2008,one of our original clip art items.

"Stay posted with what's happening through our annoucements here at this site and through the forum, blogs and messages from Facebook, Twitter, Valerie's Memos, and email. Look for updates in the appropriate group.  Come join us. In some s I am 'multifaceted val' or 'multifaceted Valerie', in others valerie, vcos, or valeriesc. Sometimes I forget and call myself the wrong name.  Multiple identities online are --well--you know. Valerie's Memos started out as an attempt to consolidate myself amd to be a newsletter, but it quickly grew an identity all its own.  Stay with me. Grow with me. We'll figure it out." says Valerie.

Sell our products

Use the PayLoadz links to be an affiliate of our downloadable products. Get registered, get links and get your pages ready.

Ready, set, wait to begin...

Please note, you can begin immediately selling products from the site. Read about changes in commissions and current activity on VCCTI products in the Valerie's Memos blog in items tagged VCCTI Affiliates.  Be sure to join the group. Expect commissions to be delayed until a significant amount ($20.00) has been acrued or until the PayPal payment system has been updated.

Products produced and sold by us (dropship and merchant stores are excluded in this statement) will be sold through the various shopping carts on the VCCTI site,, the sites linked from eStore here, other sites listed at Home and from the shopping cart if purchased from the store.  Use the links you prefer. All of our Buy-Now buttons use PayPal for product purchases and affiliate payments, and for affiliate management and downloadable items.

Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free  

Become a Merchant with your own store. Click the banner above and sign up.

Sell our products on your website. Join the affiliate program through Commission Junction. Then use your affiliate PID to link to our products and our store. Substitute the information below into your html code that you copy from Commission Junction or the Affiliates page.

Here is a sample of a link that you can adapt to your account. The pair of links is to my store using your cj account and the image for the store ad like the one above. (Individual product links are in another section below.)

<!-- pffriends with vccti ad image-->
<a href=> <img src="" alt="Picket Fence Friends ad button" width="125" height="125" border="0" /></a>

If you copy the image itself (i.e., Save Image As) and store it with your webpage images, just replace the domain info for "" My webhost provider,, would suggest that.

A Picket Fence Friends product link will look like this:

Link to the Angel Cat cards from the marketplace page with this link pair below.
Angel Cat cards

The link itself is

<a href="">
<img src="" />Angel Cat cards</a>

A link from the storefront would look like this

<a href="">
<img src="<img src="" />Angel Cat cards</a>

Products will sell through the shopping cart. will then transfer funds to us.  Unwanted items are returned to, too. Your commission will be paid through Commission Junction.

Be sure to read instructions at and Commission Junction as they tend to change procedures at times.

Become a Sub-Affiliate

In addition to these programs also offer sub-affiliate programs.

My webhost offers a subaffiliate and affiliate program. And I am pleased with them as webhosts.

Have you considered dropshipping? Worldwide Brands is cited as being one of the best directory, contact and management programs. And it offers a subaffiliate program, too.

Have you considered advertising for ebay?
Click here for your favorite eBay items

A few of the other affiliate programs of which I am a member have subaffiliate programs, too. Try for freelance services.

Others sub-affiliate programs include the affiliate networks themselves, next column.

Mostly, I joined these programs because I saw quality products that I wanted to share with my visitors.

The next column contain links to affiliate networks to which I belong. They are the primary source of the merchant sponsors for the products that I display.

Become an Affiliate

These are the affiliate networks that I have banners for. The others are in this category: I haven't taken the time to become a network affiliate.

If you have visited my sites, then you know from the banners which merchant programs I have joined. Many of these merchants are in affiliate networks. My not mentioning them here on this page is not a reflection of the value of the affiliation. It is simply that I have given you enough banners to get you started. Visit my other sites if you want to know more about which products I present and which merchants I advertise.

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Do you know how cookies work? If someone clicks the link and makes a purchase, signs up, whatever, then the website advertiser gets the commission. If later on the visitor goes to the merchant for online purchase, whatever, the cookie is used to credit the advertiser, who gets a commission. The last advertiser whose link brought the visitor to the merchant is the one that gets the commission. IF the Visitor has disabled the cookies on his pc, then no commisssion.

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