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Multifaceted Freelance Services offered by Valerie

Freelance Writers, eBooks, Forms, Lessons, Editors, Proofreaders, Artists, and Webpage Development

Writing copy, from lessons, quizzes, and forms for education; web copy, SEO articles, blogs and web page development; and academic papers, we can write, edit or proofread for you. Collaboration can be done offline or online in the cloud using Webdesk or Google Drive; or via email. Softword includes MS Office/Open Office word processing, spreadsheets, or databases; and Dreamweaver, Adobe and others in the Adobe Cloud.

Graphic art and website development already posted serve as our portfolio. We have several subcontracted artists with differing personal styles. We will develop basic webpages for personal and small business sites. We use and recommend the webhost Need a webmaster, blogmaster, or affilliate management assistance? Contact us for your basic webmaster needs. Collaboration is done using a mix of websites, emails, and offline contact as needed. Don't want your own webhost account? Read about our NetworkShrub services where we post a webpage for you on the Coskrey-biz site.

Just want some encouragement as you learn CSS, XHTML HTML5, Dreamweaver, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, etc., on your own? Join the OJT Circle in Google+ on the forum. Valerie also tutors in these areas. Authors of personal websites, small business sites and knowledgable advisors are all welcome to join in and help out. Links elsewhere are welcomed from all members.

Have an ebook that you want marketed? Let us consider it as a product to advertise on our site(s). We can even assist you in getting it published to Word, .pdf, or html and placed on other websites. Our graphic artists can assist you in getting your work illustrated. Our proofreader/editor can review it for style. Talk to us about your editorial or publishing needs. Collaboration is done using a mix of online and offline activities.

If you are an author of science fiction or an ebook suitable for youth between the ages 4-20, and want me to advertise your books--and your talents, email me the book title and a short description. I will locate it on or other website and consider advertising it.

We edit ebook anthologies. Suggest a topic and/or contribute to one of our ebook anthologies. Fiction, articles, web posts, and blog posts in areas of our expertise are suitable contributions to our ebook anthologies. Submit an idea and a writing sample or two, and we will see what it grows into. Collaboration is done using a mix of websites as needed. Collaboration with me can involve this site and either BizReef as vcos, email to Multifacet Services, Google Docs, or a combination of both depending on your needs.

We provide a NetworkShrub for collaborations. Feel free to join our Google+ circle and post links to your own ebook projects--even if you do not use us as your editor, proofreader, or other service provider. We can provide you with a subdomain and a mailbox with a Web Desk from on a temporary basis so you do not have to commit to a contract with the hosting service. Or you can purchase your account with the banner below, please--and we can assist you is setting up your website. We can set up and/or manage a blog for you. Our fees are reasonable.

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The stained glass tree, a Sue Lannen original, is the basis of the NetworkShrub logo.

What is a NetworkShrub? Below is a brief definition. It describes our service to you.

--set of public and private online network branche sand offline activities used together to accomplish personal or business activities among a group of collaborating individuals.