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Multifacet Services is now Services of Valerie

Information on this page has been updated to the describe current Cosrkey Biz identity and activities. Links will take you to the current web pages for Valerie's services. These pages are kept to maintain the transition from ongoing online activities and the associated links to the new and updated online activities.

Blogs, Networks, Articles

As I kept writing, I found different outlets for my words. Before I knew it, I had added 3 blogs on Blogger, blogs on Ning networks, wikizines on Zimbio, abstracts on Schvoong, articles on Helium a page on Facebook, and articles on all sorts of topics on my websites. Look for Valerie Coskrey, multifacetedval, vcos, valeriesc, and for Valerie's Soapbox.

I began writing as a freelancer on BizReef and submitted Valerie's Soapbox to , all to make more money. (I do not blog often enough to be a PPP blogger, but you might be.)

Bottom line,  as the various enterprises expanded, we realized that we needed a spot to collect and organize the online identities. This website was it: an over-arching business identity. Then we moved.

Multifacet Services was a division of Multifacet Solutions, Starkville, MS. But we moved to Texas and obtained a business license under the name Coskrey Biz.

Online, watch for VCCTI, multifaceted val, vcos, and other usernames associated with the websites of Valerie Coskrey.

To get information about our use of cookies, business address, and all the issues of policy and privacy, please read our Privacy Statement.

Eventually, we want to try dropshipping through Worldwide Brands. Our Dirt Poor Book Shop will probably become the ecommerce site for this store, but maybe not. Stay tuned.

Offline Services

Freelance, consulting, tutoring, and other offline activities are also done under the identity of Coskrey Biz.

Coskrey Biz will assist you in setting up and maintaining your own blog or website. Valerie will tutor you in the skills to write your own blog or she will write it for you. Get more information

Coskrey Biz offers a service called NetworkShrubs, 1-2 page websites for small businesses posted within the Coskrey-Biz domain. NetworkShrubs services include mentioning the webpages on the Coskrey Biz homepage; mentioning the network members in local ads for Coskrey Biz services; maintainance of the webpages; and other activities to foster the use of the webpages. Get more information.

Visit the VCCTI Webmaster Store 

ad for Template Artistry at

Many of the unique images used in our website are available in our .ppt Template Design Sets. Need creatives? We will make your banners

If you want this template, or any of others in our set of websites, contact Valerie.

Templates, Art, eStores & Lessons

The website that began it all, Valerie Coskrey's Classroom Tools and Ideas, called VCCTI whenever the audience becomes more general than just the education-oriented, is chock full of all kinds of freebies, links, articles, lessons, art, and products that can be purchased online, all chosen with teaching and learning in mind.

VCCTI sells original presentation Template Design Sets that use images of art and photographs produced by inhouse artists. VCCTI estores also present products and merchant links of affiliate sponsors. Merchant's affiliate programs are chosen for the resources that they offer to families, students, homeschoolers, teachers, and schools.

Along the way, a few merchants were added that would benefit beginning web developers.  I taught myself and offer information and resources that I found useful to others who are learning the field of maintaining an online presence and working in ecommerce and informatics.  The Webmaster Pages and Multifact Services are the identities of our SEO, web page development, and other IT and ecommerce activities. 

Since we are so proud of our artists' images, we expanded into our stores.  Opening your own store at is simple.

We invite you to join our forum, get our newsletter, use our calendar, and stay informed. These are available at the blog Valerie's Memos and at other websites.